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Story Times with Animals

Animal's Stories

Reading of "Over in the Forest" with Opie, the Opossum
Story Time with Opie, the opossum!


the Viginia Opossum's Story:

Opie arrived to a wildlife rehabilitation clinic when he was found crawling alone in the street. Opie had been caught by a cat and now walks with a limp. Opie lives at the Nature Center and teaches people about the importance and uniqueness of opossums. 

Story Time with Connor, the vulture!


the Black Vulture's Story:

Connor join our flock at the Center in 2018 from another facility. Connor is unfortunately unable to be returned to the wild due to being an "imprint". This means Connor relates better to people than to vultures. Now he spends his days with his roomate Tomasina, the turkey vulture and sunbathing. 

Crafts & Outdoor Activities

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