"Adaptations" Unit

Includes the following: 

All videos, games, and activities are

geared for children kindergarten through 8th grade!  

Sample of the "Adaptations" Videos Listed Below


of the 



Listed Below  

  • Pre-recorded Videos that Include:

    • "Animal Adaptations": This video serves as an introduction to adaptations unit and answers questions such as: What is an adaptation? What are our best adaptations? Why do animals have adaptations? Then there are close up "meet and greets" with a Virginia opossum, blue-tongued skink and Brazilian rainbow boa to discuss the adaptations they possess. (Length: 12 minutes) 

    • "Plant Adaptations": Explore the amazing world of plant adaptations with this video along the Roaring Brook Nature Center trails. This video takes a close look at the adaptations plants have to survive. (Length: 7 minutes)

    • "Roaring Brook Nature Center's Bird of Prey's Adaptations": This video provides a behind the scenes tour of the permanent birds of prey that live at the Center. The video describes why the birds are at the Center and the adaptations that make their species unique. (Length: 4 minutes)

    • "Virtual Field Trip": Take a look through the Roaring Brook Nature Center's building and meet some of the Center's educational animals. Then take a "hike" through the forest and discover spring findings along the trail. (Length: 10 minutes)

Activities, Art Projects and Games

with easy to follow instructions that can be done in the home!

Require simple supplies that are easily accessible

in the home or outside. 

Animal and Plant Adaptations Worksheets to accompany videos 

(Answers can be found in the videos)

"Fill the Bill" bird beak adaptations game along with worksheet

"Fill the Bill" Extension Activity and worksheet

Bird Adaptation Art Extension Activity


"Adaptation Creation" Activity and Worksheet


Animal Camouflage Art Activity

Curriculum Overview 

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